Texas - The Saturated State?

Before I begin, I'm thankful you've taken the time to read my blog.

Begrudgingly, I would like to say: I'm concerned by the mass of degreed engineers in the great state of Texas; which I compare to the vacancy for degreed engineers in Michigan.

So, what is the allure to live in Texas?

Well, let’s see: The joy of year round summer (motorcycles, convertibles and Hawaiian shirts). The growth in the economy is stronger, job market is stable and the people are nicer. The right of ever Texan to bear arms: the code of the Wild Wild West is strong in Texas… Yes, all great reasons to live and work in Texas...

So, what about the great state of Michigan?

What if you’re a degreed engineer/designer; who enjoys fall weather and winter sports like: hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and pond hockey? Someone who is qualified to get the work done! Someone who sees the saturation of engineers to job openings in Texas; and needs to work in their perspective field? Someone who seeks the land of engineering opportunity! Who sees the better side of the great state of Michigan! Like our economic growth, job opportunities and our world famous “four seasons” of fun.

That's right, we are growing in Michigan and we need degreed engineers and designers to come here, work here and live here. For any other reason, come here and work under contract in the perspective field you love. You would be home in 6 months to a year, unless you take the direct hire option. Then a career is born here, in Michigan.

I stress, we need Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping, Structural Engineers and designers with Revit software experience. We offer fair wages and benefits.

Don't hesitate; the first qualified applicant who takes the job will be one less opportunity for all other applicants.

I look forward to working with you.

Michael Curtis