Looking for qualified Engineers or Designers?

Simply call our office and provide us with your ideal candidate summary and the job description, we do the rest.

As your firm bids on new projects, which require additional engineers and designers; we diligently search through our database for the right applicants.

We supply qualified engineers / designers to you on a contract / direct hire basis. You pay our invoices, since we're responsible for payroll, taxes and workers compensation and once the project ends, our contract ends and we recall our engineers / designers. Of Course, your firm will always have the option to hire our employee as your own, before / during / after the contract ends. Either way, we part as friends and we will be available for the next pending project.

Applicants include: Degreed Engineers, Design Engineers, Professional Engineers (P.E.), and Field Engineers; as well as Architects and CAD designers / drafters.

Disciplines include: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping, Architectural, Civil, Structural and Chemical.

Projects include Building Facilities, i.e. Educational, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitals; including Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Refinery, Fossil and Cogeneration facilities; as well as, Roads, Bridges, Water ways and Waste water/ Sewer.

We offer $500.00 for travel expenses for new applicants coming from out of state.

We find and review the resumes, screen the applicants, conduct phone interviews, perform reference checks, and arrange for the applicant to interview with you. All that is left for you to do is interview the applicant and decide if you want to hire them contract or direct.